Welcome to our repair center

We offer high quality service, free diagnosis and repair at the earliest possible time.

Computers repair

We do all repair desktops and laptops. Repairs are carried out depending on the needs and capabilities of on-site and on the site. Cleaning, tuning and optimizing the operation of Microsoft (Windows XP / Vista / 7 /8/10). Linux systems, systems Apple Mac OS.

Laptops repair

All kinds of repairing laptops and notebook computers. Dead laptop is not a problem. Replacing the screen (the matrix), keyboard, disk or memory. Repair graphics card through reballing. Replacing power sockets, usb, sound.

Computer emergency services

We provide access to the client and execute simple repairs on the spot. It is also possible to pick up the equipment for repair and construction at an early date - Usually the next business day. Computer emergency services means quick access to the sudden failure of computer software or hardware reasons.

IT services

We carry out quick repairs computers in the company. Quick response in case of hardware failure hardware or software. Call to make an appointment for diagnosis or repair computers. We carry out installation, repair and modernization of existing corporate networks. Backup and recovery.


To arrange a repair, please call:

783 363 720

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